What is the Innovative Leadership Project?

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The Innovative Leadership Project is designed for local church teams made up of the pastor, staff, and key laity in the congregation. The 7-month process allows time for the ILP Team to pray and learn together as team members develop effective strategies for the future.

During the ILP the team attends four ILP Seminars and does weekly assignments which rotate between MyWork (individual readings and assignments) and TeamWork sessions (2-hour team meetings).

The ILP takes participants through four seminars on Values, VAP-IT (a goal setting tool), Discipleship System, and Futurecasting.  Each four-hour experience gives participants ideas and tools which apply to their ministry setting.  During the last seminar on Futurecasting, the team takes the ILP H.O.P.E. Assessment which reveals a complete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of their ministries.  Follow-up TeamWork sessions are designed to enable the ILP Team to implement creative ideas throughout congregational life.

The ILP gives a church all the resources it needs to equip its leaders and to create an innovative approach to launching new ministries and improving existing ministries. Because the ILP is a self-directed resource, a group of dedicated leaders can work together to discover new opportunities in its community and create an effective plan for the future.

The ILP can also be used by a conference, district, or cluster to work with multiple churches at the same time.  Participating churches join together for the four ILP Seminars and between the seminars each church engages in its MyWork and TeamWork sessions.

ILP H.O.P.E. Assessment

Here is a sample of the new ILP H.O.P.E. Assessment.  An ILP Team will fill out the assessment in the fourth seminar on Futurecasting.  Following the seminar, the team will meet to implement their plans.

Seminar Leader Resources

Seminar leaders play an important role in leading the Innovative Leadership Project.  It is suggested that two seminar leaders be responsible for working together to facilitate the four ILP seminars.  Each four-hour seminar covers key ideas and principles which ILP Teams can apply to their church.

Seminar leaders are provided with the following resources to lead their seminars:

1.  The Innovative Leadership Project Seminar Leader Guidebook 3.0 has all the presentation slides with notes to use to lead each seminar.

2.  The ILP Dropbox has two versions of the seminar that you can download.  The PowerPoint version includes notes for each slide that you can read when you use the Presentation Mode.  The PDF version has slides only.  The ILP Dropbox also has downloadable PDFs of all the ILP tools.

3.  The ILP Seminar Leader Webinars (click on the Seminar Tab above) give an overview of each seminar with ideas and tips for leading each seminar.

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Blog Posts

Seminar One

We did the first seminar on January 25 and it went very well. At least one person, who attended because she was going to prove to everyone that this is unnecessary, has become a fired up supporter. The turning point was the Church life cycle and the realization that the church has been plateaued since the early 1990's and has now been in a slow decline since 2008.

Posted by Jim Noggle on January 27, 2014 at 2:14pm — 1 Comment

Had first meeting on January 18th.

Our Church had it's first ILP meeting. 12 lay leaders attended which was a nice unexpected high number. The training was refreshing and also eye opening at the same time. We don't have a written dress code but soon found out the varying opinions from all the attendees. We also discussed community demographics and who we need to reach out to in the community. The hard truth's about having a food pantry on our property but not reaching out to the people who use the services offered there. We…


Posted by Donald S. MacKenzie on January 22, 2014 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

FYI for the Innovative Leadership Project

Here is a quick FYI about the Innovative Leadership Project:…


Posted by Craig Miller on September 26, 2013 at 2:47pm

Count Down to Kickoff

I'm excited to get started leading the church through ILP.  It's the best leadership development/visioning program I've come across.  14 leaders will be coming together on Saturday to talk about our congregation's values.

Posted by John Battern on January 23, 2013 at 5:54pm — 1 Comment



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ILP Gudebook 3.0

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Go to Amazon to order individual copes of Innovative Leadership Guidebook 3.0 

If you are ordering the ILP Kit (see registration) you will receive 10 copies as part of your registration. 

Creating a Culture for Innovation

Creating a Culture for Innovation is an ILP resource designed as a three-hour seminar for leaders in your church.  It introduces key concepts of innovation and teaches leaders how to develop a VAP-IT, a strategic planning tool that can be used to develop new ministries and renew existing ones. It is recommended you provide one book for each person taking the seminar.  It includes all the slides for the seminar, articles on "Why Innovation?", "Lifecycle of the Church", and the VAP-IT Template. Cost is $7.50 each..  Also, go to ILP Assessment Booklets (Tab above) to see the presentation slides and  additional supporting materials. 

VAP-IT Goal Setting Tool PDF

Creating a Culture of Innovative Webinar Pt. 1 Handout

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Creating a Culture for Innovation


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