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Click on the PDF or Word Document below to see suggested dates and a schedule you can use to plan your Innovative Leadership Project.   You can use the suggested launch dates or decide on your own schedule. The Innovative Leadership Guidebook 3.0 is undated so you can put together your own timeline.  If you are planning to put together a group of churches for your Conference, District, or Community, please contact Craig Miller at so he can share with you additional ideas to make your launch a success.

ILP 3.0 Schedule Maker Word

ILP 3.0 Schedule Maker PDF

Innovative Leadership Project Schedule 3.0

Use this template to schedule your calendar for the ILP. If you want to speed up the process you can assign two MyWork sessions per week.  


Session                                                       Date                                     Topic                                                          


Seminar One:      ­                  ___________________                             Values  
Participants will learn about the keys to Innovative Leadership and the VAP (Values, Assets, Process) formula for innovation.   

Week   1: MyWork                ­___________________                                What Are My Spiritual Practices?  
Week   2: MyWork                ­___________________                                My Spiritual Life   
Week   3: TeamWork            ­___________________                                Spiritual Life of the Leaders
Week   4: MyWork                ­___________________                                The Essentials
Week   5: MyWork                ­___________________                                Discovering my Spiritual Gifts
Week   6: TeamWork          ­  ___________________                                Our Giftedness Together

Seminar Two:                       ­___________________                               VAP-IT
Participants will be introduced to a new goal-setting tool and learn about Settings for Ministry

Week   7: MyWork                ­___________________                                The Four
Week   8: MyWork                ­___________________                                 Settings for Ministry
Week   9: TeamWork          ­  ___________________                                 VAP-IT & Settings for Ministry
Week 10: MyWork               ­  ___________________                                Believe
Week 11: MyWork               ­  ___________________                                Belong
Week 12: MyWork               ­  ___________________                                Behave
Week 13: TeamWork         ­   ___________________                                 VAP-IT: Review


Seminar Three:                   ___________________                                 Discipleship System
Participants will be introduced to tools to create a Discipleship System

Week 14: MyWork               ­___________________                                  Pastoral Leadership
Week 15: MyWork               ­___________________                                  Leader Development of Laity
Week 16: MyWork               ­___________________                                  Small Groups
Week 17: MyWork               ­___________________                                  Transformational Worship
Week 18: TeamWork:          ­___________________                                  Drivers of Change
Week 19: MyWork               ­___________________                                  Hospitality
Week 20: MyWork               ­___________________                                  Opportunity
Week 21: MyWork               ­___________________                                  Purpose & Engagement
Week 22: TeamWork         ­  ___________________                                  H.O.P.E. as Core Process of
                                                                                                                    Congregational Life

Seminar Four:  ­                  ___________________                                  Futurecasting
Participants will take the Innovative Leadership Church Assessment

Follow-up TeamWork Sessions for Implementing the ILP H.O.P.E. Assessment

Week 23 TeamWork           ___________________                                  Innovative Leadership Assessment

Week 24 TeamWork           ___________________                                  ILP Covenant  & Assessment Follow-up

Week 25 TeamWork           ___________________                                  VitalSigns


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